Logitech Keyboard Stuff

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This page is for anybody with a Logitech Elite or Navigator keyboard who is fed up with the F-Lock key being the wrong way round and not having the function keys work as expected. It will only work if you're using PS2 rather than USB.

I've written a .reg that works on Windows 2000 and XP which remaps the scan codes returned from the function keys so that they are the other way around. Unfortunately the iTouch software doesn't work with this re-mapping so you will lose the functionality of the additional keys, but some have had success with using MS IntelliType.

I've also fixed some of the media keys, so that they return the usual Windows scan codes for those functions. And I've remapped the scan codes so that the iNav buttons are forward, back and scroll.

If you open the registry file here and reboot it should just work, but not with iTouch. If you want to remove the fix, click here.

DISCLAIMER: If you fry your computer with this I take no responsibility. However, that hasn't happened to anybody yet (well... nobody with a working keyboard who can type an email of abuse :-)

Scancodes Returned From Keyboard:

KeyScancode BeforeScancode After
F-Lock "off"
F1E0 3B3B
F2E0 3C3C
F3E0 3D3D
F4E0 3E3E
F5E0 3F3F
F6E0 4040
F7E0 4141
F8E0 4242
F9E0 4343
F10E0 4444
F11E0 5757
F12E0 5858
F-Lock "on"
F13BE0 3B
F23CE0 3C
F33DE0 3D
F43EE0 3E
F53FE0 3F
F640E0 40
F741E0 41
F842E0 42
F943E0 43
F1044E0 44
F1157E0 57
F1258E0 58
Scroll UpE0 48E0 75
Scroll DownE0 50E0 72
BackE0 6A 
GoE0 69 
RewindE0 10 
F-ForwardE0 19 
PlayE0 22 
StopE0 24 
MediaE0 6D 
MuteE0 20 
Volume UpE0 30 
Volume DownE0 2E 
UserE0 5F 
EmailE0 6C 
MessengerE0 11 
WebcamE0 12 
iTouchE0 13 
SearchE0 65 
ShoppingE0 14 
FavoritesE0 66 
My HomeE0 32 

Useful Links

Keboard Scan Codes: http://www.win.tue.nl/~aeb/linux/kbd/scancodes.html

Microsoft Scan Code Mapper: http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/device/input/w2kscan-map.mspx